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Formerly Medicare Choices

What We Do

What We Do For Our Clients

✔ Answer all your questions

✔ Help apply for Medicare

✔ Help signing up for Medicare plans

✔ Prescription Drug computer analysis software

✔ Make sure your doctors are covered in network

✔ Lower Healthcare Premiums

✔ Dental Plans

✔ Vision with eye exams and dollars for glasses

✔ Hearing Aids

✔ Access to hundreds of Over-the-Counter items at no cost

✔ Veteran Plans

✔ Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

✔ Hybrid Medicare Plan

✔ Gym Memberships

✔ How to avoid Part B and Prescription Drug penalties

✔ Medicaid

✔ Low Income Subsidy (LIS)

✔ Part B Premium Reductions (increase in social security benefits)

✔ $0 Premium Plans

✔ Compare plans with ALL the major carriers in Michigan

We can assist you every step of the way with the entire Medicare process!!